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Simplify Your Payroll Process And PF/ESI Compliance With GetifyHR

Disbursing the salaries to employees on time, every time and maintaining their records is a critical requirement in every business.  Automating this critical operation by using our Payroll Outsourcing Service is the ideal solution for present day businesses. 

GetifyHR is perfectly positioned to do this complex task in an easy and simple manner.  We provide complete Payroll Outsourcing services integrated with HR service that takes care of recruitment and staffing needs and also provide consultation for PF and ESI compliance. 

Our service also includes Attendance Management, Leave Management and Task Management.  This is an association you can never miss!

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Payroll Outsourcing Service

Payroll is a highly complex element of any business. Employers need to make sure that all their employees are paid their salary with 100% accuracy.


Payroll outsourcing is the best solution to simplify this highly complex element. GetifyHR offers one of the simplest forms of payroll management with high key performance.

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Statutory Compliance

Statutory compliance is a rigorous set of federal regulations to be strictly complied with. We ensure strict compliance with the federal regulations Like the Provident Fund Act,


Employees State Insurance Act, Shops & Establishment Act, Payment of Bonus Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, etc. We boast a reputation for being highly efficient PF and ESI consultants who are capable of simplifying this complex task.

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Recruitment Service

Recruitment is one of the core functions of the Human Resources department. Identifying the right candidate for the right job is a task that requires professional touch.


GetifyHR offers the perfect solution in the form of specialized recruitment software that is integrated with the Payroll outsourcing module.  This module provides the employer a lasting solution in filling up vacancies as and when they arise. Through this you can hire fulltime employees, contract workers and freelancers.

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Staffing Solutions

GetifyHR offers a single point solution for all your employee related activities. This also includes a staffing module that enables you to fill up short-term positions that may arise from time to time.


GetifyHR specializes in providing staffing solutions for varied industries.  We can provide candidates as and when required at short notice as we are armed with a large database of potential candidates.  This is a great advantage to companies that have such needs.

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Attendance & Leave Management

Keep track of attendance and leave of the employees with holidays and calendar shifts. Our payroll outsourcing service incorporates Biometric simulation, Geo tracking and Geo-Fencing in attendance management.


Employees can also access their profile in the ESS portal to check their leave summary. In a similar fashion, leave regime for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly stamp can be maintained.

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Task Management

GetifyHR is a leading Task Management Services Provider. Our ESS portal is a full-fledged task management tool that enables assignment of tasks in a hierarchical fashion through departments.


The assignment can flow from the management to the employee or from a higher level employee to a lower level employee.  For example the Supervisor of a department can assign to his team leader who in turn can re-assign to their respective team members. Only a full-fledged Task Management system can give you all these facilities.

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Focus on what’s Important

Making effectiveHR Coordination & How you Benefit?

Exclusive Reports at the press of a button

100+ readymade compilations of reports of various departments are available to download and share at the press of a button.Starting from the Pay Slip generation, all the other reports generated are critical for any organization. 

These include the statutory compliance reports, tax reports, attendance report, final settlement report and few other reports that make our payroll outsourcing services the very best in the industry.

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Confidential Process

One of the ways in which top payroll outsourcing companies create a name for themselves is by offering top-notch security features. Confidentiality is the key to any of these processes.

Our product is developed in a way that all the administrative processes and records pertaining to the employees are kept confidential and fully protected. We ensure that no outsider will be able to break in and have access to records that are highly confidential, and it is no wonder that we are today among the best payroll outsourcing companies in the industry.

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Uncompromising Compliance

GetifyHR offers a high degree of compliance to Labour laws.  We fully understand the complexities of labour laws and compliance in India and ensure that they are fully complied with in all aspects.

Statutory requirement like PF, ESI, Gratuity and Bonus have to be fully complied with by all companies.We offer excellent service to all our clients and today we rank among the top PF and ESI consultants in Coimbatore.

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Increase Productivity

Our payroll platform is exceptionally reliable and tailor-made to handle all aspects of payroll preparation and HR Management.

  In addition to this, we support our clients as PF and ESI consultants.This not only enables higher productivity but also provides timely advice that would enhance overall working of the company.

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Save Time & Money

The complete automation of the Payroll and HR Management operations will enable the saving of both time and money.

When you associate with us, you not only save time and money, you also benefit from our vast expertise as a PF and ESI consultant in Coimbatore.

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On time, always

We follow DRIFT (Do It Right the First Time) approach leaving no room for inaccuracies or delay in work. With GetifyHR, you get it right the first time.

Think of us

We assure

We assure a high degree of integrity in our working and to us the client is the most important entity associated with us. All our efforts are directed in maintaining the highest standard of work ethics in everything that we do. Whether it is in the quality of the package that we offer or the support that we provide, we do not compromise.

This uncompromising nature has made us what we are today, the best payroll outsourcing company in the industry. Apart from this, your query, PF Consultants near me will bring you a click away from us, and you can be assured of the best advice for all your doubts in respect of statutory compliance.

On-time Process

We follow the DRIFT (Do It Right the First Time) approach leaving no room for inaccuracies or delay in work. With Getify Payroll outsourcing service and HR Management, you get it right the first time.

Client Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is the results we harvested by cultivating legitimacy in our HR management and payroll outsourcing services provided.

Precise Calculation

Manual Payroll preparation is a tedious and time consuming process. GetifyHR has simplified this task to provide a process that is not only simple, but is also highly accurate.

ThisPayroll Outsourcing agency follows a ‘Zero tolerance to mistakes’ policy and this is reflected in all our reports that are 100% accurate.

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Recruit on the go

Recruitment is not as complex as it used to be. With the integrated recruitment service, you can recruit on the go, with your preferences and guidelines.

That apart, as the best PF and ESI Consultant in Coimbatore, you can be assured of the best guidance on these requirements.

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Trusted by many people

Our clients have always trusted our expertise and advices.


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Are you frustrated with the outdated manual employee management system that you are using? Is your payroll system inaccurate? Does your business need a simple and effective HR management system? If your answer to these questions is Yes, then you are not only at the right place but are also at one of the best payroll outsourcing service company in Coimbatore. This apart, we also rank among the best PF and ESI consultants in Coimbatore. GetifyHR is right here for you. What are you waiting for? Make your move now. Connect with us for a hassle-free payroll preparation that is not only efficient but also complies with all the statutory requirements.​

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