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The core function of the Human Resources department is recruitment. This is an organization specific process that sets out to find the right candidates for the right job. Recruitment Services form a critical component of a company’s growth. Many companies have their own HR personnel who handle these critical tasks. Some organizations use the services of Recruitment Consultancy Services to fill in their vacancies. GetifyHR offers a perfect solution in the form of a specialized recruitment software that comes bundled with their Payroll Management system.

Recruitment services

GetifyHR is a Recruitment services company with a difference. Our cloud based Payroll & HR Management System is the ideal tool to handle all recruitment needs in an organization. Recruitment per se is a complex process that needs expertise to handle successfully. It is the initial step in creating a strong base for human resources in any company. GetifyHR being one of the best recruitment agencies in Coimbatore/India has formulated a very successful method in identifying talent and inducing them to apply.

The process begins with first identifying the number of vacancies to be filled, the qualification of the candidates and their experience and the duties & responsibility they are selected for. Associating with GetifyHR is associating with the Best recruitment services company in Coimbatore. Once all the parameters have been fixed, then the requirements are advertised in the media.

Right from contacting the candidates to the interviewing stage, GetifyHR handles all operations smoothly so that the vacancies get filled to the utmost satisfaction of the company. These operations can be performed from the customer site and will drastically reduce the cost for recruitment when compared to choosing other options. You can expect nothing but the best from the top recruitment services company in Coimbatore.

Recruitment Agencies normally charge on a percentage basis, whereas, GetifyHR’s charges are based on the number of candidates who attend the process. You can surely be assured that our process will always be much cheaper than any other methods that you choose. It is no wonder that we are considered to be one of the top recruitment agencies in India. We give the option to our customers to indicate their budget for their recruitment drive so that the jobs and job types can be posted accordingly.

Based on this, concessions are given to the customer in the usage of the module. You can compare the pricing of other recruitment agencies in India with our recruitment pricing table to make your choice. We are confident that the cost working through our integrated recruitment services would be highly competitive and reasonable.

Advantages Of Using A High Profile Recruitment Consultant

GetifyHR is a top-class Recruitment Consultancy Services in Coimbatore/India. Our Payroll Management & HR Management package is a technology driven, cloud-based software that is simple, robust, platform-independent, user-friendly and efficient.  By using our outsourcing option your biggest advantage is that you get all the processes from payroll generation, reporting, HR Management & recruitment, and Statutory Compliance issues fully satisfied from one single source. You can avoid using the services of other recruitment agencies in Coimbatore for performing these critical tasks.

In other words, you can get these vital activities just by using a single, full-fledged software that would not only reduce costs but also reduce the use of additional manpower. This excellent product from one of the leading recruitment services company in Coimbatore/India gives you nothing but the best.

Our multiple years of experience in handling these critical tasks have given us an edge over our rivals and it is no surprise that the outsourced software that we offer is the ideal choice to perform this process. We are sure that your query for ‘recruitment agencies near me’ will lead you to our doorstep. You will never be disappointed by your choice.


Get Right Person for Right Job

How our Recruitment Services works

With the tailor-made mobile application of GetifyHR, the users (employers) can post jobs and procure applicants. From the scratch till the candidate reaching the venue of the interview, GetifyHR acts as the point of contact and keep track of the applicants.


Mobile Application

Get our Free Mobile & Web Application to get instant notifications, post jobs, review candidates and many more.


Monitor the Candidates

Keep updated and easily monitor the shortlisted candidates, scheduled for an interview, selected candidates with joining date, rejected candidates with reason, etc


Shortlist with Ease

No space for irrelevant candidates. Shortlist the relevant profiles as per your requirement and schedule interview only with suitable candidates.


Appoint Recruiter

Our dedicated recruiter will take care of the coordination with candidates and recruiters, will understand the candidate’s communication and capability and regular follow up’s until the candidates attending an interview.

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