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Leave Management Services

Leave Management is a tricky process that needs a perfect solution as otherwise the entire process becomes a complete disaster. The smallest mistake in preparing these reports could cause a lot of headache for the company and the employees. The outcome is distrust between the employer and the employees and legal complications that the company may well-nigh avoid. Leave Management Services could provide the right solution for this problem. Leave Management thus becomes a critical aspect in an organization and the onus is on the company to get the best solution to this problem. A perfectly developed Employee Leave Management System is the need of the hour and GetifyHR offers the perfect solution through their all encompassing cloud-based Payroll application.

Create Multiple Leave Types

The Leave Management Services offered by GetifyHR provides the facilities to create multiple leave types like paid leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, earned leave, marriage leave, etc. Each leave could have a corresponding leave policy and these may differ from company to company or from department to department. Policies regarding grant of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual leave are also maintained. We can customize the module according to the leave policy maintained by you..  As one of the best leave management service providers in the region, we offer nothing but the best.

Types of leaves

What is Casual Leave?

Casual Leave is a leave that can be availed by an employee when he or she cannot report to work due to unforeseen circumstances.  Casual Leave rules may differ from state to state. 

How is it Applicable?

CL is applicable for employees who work in organizations that is registered under the Shops and Establishment Act or the Factories Act and who have put in more than 1 year service.

How is it availed?

Normally 12 days casual leave can be availed in a calendar year of which you can avail 1 day casual leave in a month.  This can be accumulated and availed within that calendar year.  However, at the end of the year, the accumulated casual leave will automatically lapse.

These are leaves earned by t he employee for working for more than 240 days in a calendar year.  They are also known a Privilege Leave and can be accumulated and carried forward to the next year. 

How is it Applicable?

This is applicable for the employees who have put in 3 years service in an organization.  An employee who has worked for more than 240 days in a calendar year is eligible for this leave.

How is it availed?

Leave rules depend on the rules framed by the company in accordance with the rules prevailing in the state.  Normally 1.25 leave days gets added to the employees leave account for every month’s service.  This leave is encashable and can be carried forward to the next year.  However, there is a ceiling in the number of EL than can be encashed.

This is the leave that an employee can avail in case of sickness of self or relative.  You can avail pay for this type of leave.

How is it Applicable?

This is applicable to employees who have put in more than 1 year service in an organization.

How is it availed?

There are no restrictions for Sick Leave.  The leave application should be made along with a Medical Certificate issued by the consulting Physician and this has to be verified by the person sanctioning the leave. The application should be made 3 days before the date of leave.  This is a paid time off leave that can be accumulated in a year and can be carried forward and availed in the following year.

Maternity Leave is the benefit available to married female workers during the pregnancy period. 

How is it Applicable?

This is applicable for every married female employee during the period of pregnancy. This is a fully paid for leave subject to completion of at least 80 days in an organization in the 12 months prior to the expected date of delivery.

How is it availed?

As per the amendment made through the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017, the maternity leave has been raised from 12 weeks to 26 weeks (182 days).the pre-natal leave has been increased from 6 to 8 weeks and the balance constitute the post-natal leave. The application for such leave should be made 91 days before the expected date of delivery.

Restricted leave is an entitlement under the state Shops and Establishment Act.  These are certain optional holidays that can be availed by a section of the employees based on their religion, caste or community. 

How is it Applicable?

These are optional holidays that have local importance.  Based on whether a person celebrates a function that comes under the list of restricted holidays issued by the Government, the person can avail this restricted holiday.  Each employee is eligible to avail only 2 such holidays in a calendar year.

How is it availed?

From the list of restricted holidays announced by the Government, an employee can avail a holiday that his or her particular religion, caste or community celebrates.  For example, Christian employees can avail holiday on Good Friday. The leave is not mandatory and the business functions normally with the available employees.

Use Standard Policy Library​

GetifyHR is one among the top leave management service providers in the industry. Our Leave management module has a standard Policy Library with a set of policies that the company can choose to follow. You can choose the policy that you wish to follow from this library. This eases the task of the HR team and frees time for them to attend to other important tasks.

Since this is a module that can handle Leave management of multiple locations spread across different states, the policy pertaining to that particular area can be implemented. Our Standard Policy Library makes this task easy and simple.

Making Leave management Simple

GetifyHR makes leave management a simple and uncomplicated operation. When you associate with us you get the benefit of a package that can perform Payroll Management, HR Management, Employee and Leave Management and Statutory Compliance with ease and simplicity. All this comes to you at a highly competitive cost and being cloud based, you don’t have to spend on costly hardware. Associating with the top leave management service provider in Coimbatore will give you a rich user experience that would make the functioning of your office smooth and problem free.

Maintain Multiple Holiday Calendars and Other Leave benefits

Multiple Holiday Calendars

If you follow multiple policies in different geographic locations, you should be able to maintain different holiday calendars. This will assist you to personalize your holiday calendars for different groups or teams.

Other Leave benefits:

On Duty: This leave management module handles the ‘on duty’ periods put in by an employee. This happens when an employee is out of the premises performing a service for the company or when the employee has been sent on deputation to some other location. These are marked as ‘on duty’ in the employee register.

Compensatory Off: This module offers facility to the employee to take a compensatory off for working at employer’s request on a holiday or weekend. This is an entitled leave that he can avail as an incentive for the extra work put in.


Our Services

Why Getify HR?

GetifyHR is among the top and best leave management service providers in India. Our technology driven software is perfectly designed to address all aspects of leave management. The package is easy to handle and will provide all the necessary reports at the click of a button. Every aspect of leave management like leave application, approval or rejection, managing leave balances and analysing leave are seamlessly handled by our robust system. This, without doubt, is the Leave Management System that you are looking for.

The Shops & Establishments Act is designed to control and regulate payment of wages, hours of work, rest intervals, opening and closing of work timings, holidays due, regulate overtime work, and all the leave applicable like Casual leave, sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave. Our module handles these with ease and simplicity giving the user stress free maintenance.


Access to the best of technology

Adopting a technology driven cloud-based attendance management system can change the way you manage your manpower. This is exactly what you get when you choose GetifyHR to maintain your Payroll operations. Ours is a dedicated online cloud-based software packed with features and functionalities that form an integral part of your workforce. The system is perfect in every respect and is built to prevent errors that could lead to month end errors in the payment of salaries and also statutory compliance issues. This helps you to avoid frequent month end hassles.


Auto Carry forward

GetifyHR is just not one among the ideal choice; it is simply the only choice! The employees can access all his leave reports like Leave Availed Report, Negative Leave Balance Report, and Leave Encashment Report from this module. Year-end processes like lapsed leave, carry forward leave, leave encashment are simplified and these strictly comply with your leave policy. The biggest advantage is that these can be accessed at the click of a button and are totally error-free. No wonder then that we are considered as one among the best leave Management service providers in India.


24/7 option to Apply and Monitor

GetifyHR offers 24/7 facility to employees and employers in handling leave issues. The employee can apply for leave 24/7 and the same facility is extended to the employer to monitor the leave applications. This proves to be a very useful facility when an employee has a sudden need to apply for leave and also to the employer when allotting leave.


ESS Portal

The inbuilt Employees Self Service module provides the employee easy access to all the necessary reports. It allows the employee to keep track of his leave and other details. This also provides the management all the data pertaining to employees and gives them the opportunity to take proper decisions with respect to each employee. It is no surprise that we are considered the best leave management service providers in Coimbatore.

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