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Attendance Management is a critical operation in any company. Its importance cannot be downplayed in any respect as it is very important that all employee details are maintained with utmost accuracy. Attendance is a vital part of this information as the HR department takes decisions based on the performance of their employees. Any errors here will affect the entire working of the organisation.GetifyHR its cloud-based Payroll outsourcing module that seamlessly integrates HR and Attendance Management, provides the best option to manage employee attendance.

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Tracking the Employee

The Attendance Management System helps the employer to monitor the time spent by an employee in the office or factory. GetifyHR’sattendance tracking system is a high performing cloud-based tool that keeps track of employee details on a day-to-day basis. Our system is supported by Geo tracking and Geo fencing facilities and this helps to locate each employee with respect to the location he or she is posted. The log-in and log out times are properly recorded and with the integrated Biometrics the performance of each employee comes under minute scrutiny.

The Management can keep track of their employees in a hierarchal manner. If an employee is irregular in attendance, the next higher level of the hierarchy is notified and so it goes up the ladder to the higher level. Once the manager is notified he can review the attendance record and take appropriate action.

Attendance Management Service Providers have to provide top class service to the customers and that is what you get from GetifyHR.

Configure your Attendance regulation

This module allows you to configure your Company’s attendance policies. Working conditions may differ slightly in different organizations but they all have to keep well within the government’s rules and regulations. This module can be used to arrange the shifts, shift timings, week-off policies and create attendance regulations for each employee based on the nature of duty. The week-end policies and penalties for unauthorised leave, and log-in and log-out time grievances can also be addressed. Wage creation based on the number of hours worked, overtime, and the shift policies can be easily handled by this module.

Mobile Connectivity

A cloud-based application is generally accessible to any devices. Mobile connectivity helps the employee to keep track of their attendance and overall performance. When an employee fails to fulfil attendance requirements, he or she is notified accordingly. The ESS portal inbuilt in the system can be accessed by mobile to provide valuable information to the employee and the employer. To the employer this gives inputs about his employees through which he can chalk-out different attendance policies depending on the location, number of employees, number of shifts and other criteria. GetifyHR ranks among the top attendance management service providers in India.

Employee Categories and other Services

Facilities to group employees under different categories with each category having a different attendance process, is provided in this system. By simply setting up the employee category, you can setup a perfect attendance scheme. GetifyHR is one of the Top attendance management service providers in Coimbatore and the services that we offer include: Automate daily attendance process Give regular absence or leave alerts Event notifications to the workforce Attendance regularization workflow Month-end HR review and finalization facility The services come to you from the best attendance management service provider in Coimbatore.


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Why GetifyHR Is The Right Solution?

Adopting a technology driven cloud-based attendance management system can change the way you manage your manpower. This is exactly what you get when you choose GetifyHR to maintain your Payroll operations. Ours is a dedicated online cloud-based software packed with features and functionalities that form an integral part of your workforce. The system is perfect in every respect and is built to prevent errors that could lead to month-end errors in the payment of salaries and also statutory compliance issues. This helps you to avoid frequent  month-end hassles. GetifyHR is just not one among the ideal choice; it is simply the only choice!

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Report Generation

The report generation of this module is highly efficient and provides the management up-to-date information through real-time reports that you can generate on the go. Once you have set the rules, you will be able to generate a set of highly informative reports that would be of immense help to the management in planning their workforce.

You can generate the following reports with this module:

  1. Consolidated attendance reports
  2. Master attendance reports
  3. Attendance Muster Info Report
  4. Attendance Muster Report
  5. Attendance Regularization Report
  6. Attendance Summary Report
  7. Attendance Consolidate Report
  8. Attendance Consolidated Work Hours Report

Real-time attendance swipe cards

Swipe cards are worthy replacement for the traditional punch cards that were used to track employees. Use of swipe cards drastically reduces the work load of the HR team and frees up time so that HR managers can devote time for other important tasks.

Our attendance management module makes use of swipe cards to monitor the working of employees on an hourly basis. By clocking in and clocking out several times in a day using these swipe cards, the attendance of each employees is made available in real time to the management to assess employee performance. The system provides the HR managers easy access to data that will enable them to schedule shifts and review based on the performance of the employees. This system will also reduce the practice of time theft that some employees are involved in. Therefore, it not only prevents time theft, it also frees time for the HR team to focus on other more important tasks.


Automated Shift changer

GetifyHR offers an automated Shift Changer or scheduler that can automatically schedule the shifts. Shift scheduling when attempted manually in not only a cumbersome task, it is also time consuming and becomes expensive.

Employers can now with the click of a button schedule the shifts with ease thus freeing time that is normally devoted for this task. By using our software, you can compress your efforts in a single click rather than taking multiple steps as was done previously. By providing the basic information like employee shift preference and their time-off requests, the process can be easily achieved thus reducing the burden on the HR team.

One of the other advantages of having this facility is that it helps to reduce overtime costs. This would help to maintain better profitability.


Attendance Exception

There are instances when an employee is constantly late for work or leaves earlier than the scheduled time or is absent on a regular basis. This calls for an attendance Exception Report to be generated that would give the management better control over their employees.


GetifyHR provides this facility in its attendance Management Module. The report can be printed and sent to the concerned employee or his representative to prepare the groundwork for disciplinary action. The facility enables the management to have a strong control over the attendance of their employees and keep in check such errant employees who show serious irregularity in their attendance.

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