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Madurai is the third largest city in Tamilnadu after Chennai and Coimbatore. Situated on the banks of river Vaigai, the city is the cultural capital of Tamilnadu. Popularly known as ThoongaNagaram or the city that never sleeps,Madurai has seen exponential growth in Payroll Outsourcing. GetifyHR, one of the leading players in Payroll Outsourcing has made its presence in Madurai with the technology-driven, cloud-based payroll outsourcing module that can seamlessly handle Payroll and HR-related activities. The module is fully integrated and can perform the complex payroll process with simplicityand great accuracy.

Payroll Services that simplify the complex

The services that we offer

We offer an outsourcing module that can handle Payroll and all HR-related activities in a seamless and integrated manner. The module not only generates the payslips and other related MIS reports but also handles all statutory compliance requirements efficiently and with a great deal of simplicity. This is a package that will promote business growth as it comes from one of the best Payroll Outsourcing Services in Madurai.

Compliance is a vital factor in any business. Our module handles all statutory deductions like EPF, ESI, and TDS and thepayslipsaccurately reflect these. With this the company will be able to not only remit the deductions to the government authorities but also file the required returns. GetifyHR has established itself as one of the leading HR Outsourcing Services in Madurai.

GetifyHR offers a highly efficient Attendance Management module that accurately monitors the attendance of each employee both in the office and the factory. The system is available on a real-time basis and is capable of handling workforce in multiple locations using Geo-tracking and Geo-fencing facilities.

Our Leave Management module is the perfect solution to manage Leave. With this you can either customize your Leave Policy or use the Standard Leave Policy. The module enables you to create multiple leave types like Paid Leave, Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Earned Leave etc.

Task management tools are very important to handle projects.  We offer a robust cloud-based module that simplifies task management and enables the timely completion of projects.  Our Task Management module is user friendly and very simple to operate.  The module is seamlessly integrated with all the modules like Payroll, HR Management and Employee Management.

Our outsourcing module has a built-in Recruitment and Staffing module that efficiently handles all employee recruitment needs. We have long years of experience in this sector and can provide the best of talent to our clients as and when required. GetifyHR is one among the most sought after HR outsourcing company in Madurai.

Improving Efficiency, Achieving Profitability

How does Outsourcing work?

HR Management is a vital activity that requires immense skills and expertise. The HR management module of GetifyHR has seamlessly integrated all features and is capable of handling all aspects in a highly professional and smooth manner. When you outsource to us you not only enable the regular disbursement of salaries to the employees but also ensure that the company is fully compliant with all the statutory rules and regulations. This ensures steady growth of the company and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees. Payroll outsourcing in Madurai has seen a steady upswing over the years and service providers like GetifyHR have played a major role in maintaining the harmonious relationship between the employer and the employees.

Master creation is the initial process.  All relevant data of the employees are input into the system.

Once the masters have been input, the payroll process can commence.  Through this process the payslips are generated and this provides the details of the gross and net salary of the employees.

From the Payslips generated, the payouts are made to each employees based on the net pay arrived at during the process.  The payouts are made by check or by direct transfer as the case may be.

The next activity involves remittance of the statutory dues to the government and filing of the returns as required by the authorities.

The module enables the filing of the quarterly and annual TDS returns to the Incometax department and remittance of the deducted amount as per schedule.

More than 150 customized reports are available to the user at the click of a button.  They include timesheets, wage & liability reports and leave and attendance reports.

Exemplary Service for stress-free Administration

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services?

Save time and money

Outsourcing has a two-fold advantage that propels higher productivity. One, it saves time and money and two; it frees the HR team and the administration from mundane works and enables them to focus more on core business activity.

Enhances Compliance

By outsourcing you can be assured of being compliant always. In doing so, you can avoid penalties due to defaulted payments of statutory dues and for non-filing or wrong filing of statutory reports.

Excellent Support

When you outsource you get the backing of a highly qualified team who are fully capable of handling all aspects of Payroll and HR Management.

Confidentiality and Data Security

Outsourcing to a service provider enables you to maintain the confidentiality of vital data and be assured of the highest degree of security.

Excellent Reporting

When you outsource you get access to excellent reports that provide useful information about the performance of your employees. This gives the opportunity to devise better plans for business growth.

Regular Payouts

Outsourcing enables you to manage payouts to employees and the remittances to the concerned authorities as per schedule. This will help to reduce the stress on the management and usher in greater harmony in the workplace.

Associating with a highly professional team

How GetifyHR assists you with your Payroll?

GetifyHR is a leading Payroll Outsourcing company in Madurai and has many years of experience in developing efficient software solutions for businesses. Our outsourcing module would enable the user to manage all Payroll and HR-related activities most efficiently and with great ease. Simplifying the complex has been our motto and we have achieved this in our outsourcing module.We provide payroll outsourcing services to small, medium, and large organizations in this region. With GetifyHR you can..

  1. Save time and money
  2. Improve productivity
  3. Generate error-free Payslips
  4. Reduce the risks of non-compliance
  5. Be assured of the confidentiality and security of vital data
  6. Be assured of the support of highly talented and professional team.

GetifyHR boasts a combination of a highly skilled professional team and the use of advanced cloud-based technology to provide excellent service to our clients. The solution that we offer is very comprehensive and covers all the modules of Payroll and HR Management. An association with GetifyHR, one of the leading HR services in Madurai brings you the most ideal solution in the industry and can free you from the complexity of Payroll processing and HR Management.  By associating with us you are partnering with the best.

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