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GetifyHR is now rendering its quality services from the Gateway of south India, Chennai.  Famous for its foods and automobile Industry, Chennai today is the country’s 2nd largest exporter of IT related products and BPO services.  We are ideally placed in this technology driven city with our top class Payroll Outsourcing module and are sure that we can offer our clients a high performing solution that will greatly simplify the complex Payroll Processing.  We are a leading Payroll Outsourcing Company in Chennai.

Payroll Services that de-stress

What are the different Payroll services that we offer?

There has been a tremendous growth in Payroll Services in Chennai during the last few years.  GetifyHR is one of the leading players in Chennai with its high end, technology driven payroll services for small, medium and large organizations.  Our fully customised cloud-based payroll package is the ideal solution to efficiently perform payroll processing and satisfy all the compliance requirements.

Once the relevant input data has been fed into the payroll system, the actual processing takes place. The outcome of the processing is the generation of payslips where the net pay to each employee is calculated. Through this, the payout to employees is made by cash, cheque, or by direct transfer as the case may be.

This is a vital factor handled during payroll processing. All statutory deductions like EPF, ESI, and TDS are reflected in the payslips. This enables the company to remit the contributions to government agencies and file the relevant returns. GetifyHR is one of the leading HR Outsourcing Services in Chennai with a reputation for top-notch service.

The fully efficient Attendance Management System assists the company to monitor the time spent by an employee in the office or factory. These are available on a real-time basis and can handle the workforce in multiple locations. The system supports Geo tracking and Geo fencing facilities and this helps to locate each employee concerning the location of work. HR Services in Chennai revolves around a few efficient companies and GetifyHR is one amongst them.

GetifyHR provides the perfect solution to manage Leave. The module helps in the creation of multiple Leave types like Paid leave, Sick leave, Casual leave, maternity leave, Earned leave, etc. This can be customized according to the leave policy of the organization or you can choose from the standard Policy Library inbuilt in the package.

Getify HR offers a robust cloud-based application that can simplify the process of task management and enable the completion of projects on time. The Task Management module is simple to operate, user-friendly and, seamlessly integrates with all the other activities like Payroll, HR Management, and Employee Management.

GetifyHR's outsourcing module has a highly efficient Recruitment and Staffing option built into it. This is a perfect service that comes bundled with the Payroll management system. With years of experience in this sector, we can provide the best of candidates to our clients at the appropriate time. HR Outsourcing in Chennai is built around a few highly experienced companies and GetifyHR is one among them.

Improving efficiency and profitability

How does Payroll Outsourcing work?

If you are looking to save time and money and improve efficiency, you should outsource your Payroll operations to an efficient and dedicated service provider.  The complexities of Payroll processing & HR Management cannot be handled by on-premise solutions.  By out sourcing you free time for your HR personnel from the mundane task of payroll processing and allow them to concentrate on core business activities.  Payroll Outsourcing in Chennai has embraced the latest and most advanced technology and this is reflected in the solution offered by GetifyHR.

Let's look at the steps in Payroll outsourcing:

The payroll process starts with the creation of the Master files where all the relevant details of each employee is fed into the software.

Here the processing of data takes place and through this the payslips are generated.  The net pay or take-home pay of each employee is calculated during this process.

On completion of the processing, the payouts are made to each employee based on the net pay arrived at during the process.  The payouts are made by check or by direct transfer as the case may be.

The next activity is filing of statutory returns giving details of the contributions by the employees and employer and remittance of the dues to the Government.

The quarterly and annual TDS returns are filed with the Incometax department along with the deducted amount as per schedule.

Elaborate reports give a clear picture of the performance of each employee.  The leave availed, leave due and such other details are available at the click of a button.

Efficient backing for smoother administration

What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll services?

Save time and money

Outsourcing saves time and money and paves the way for higher productivity. This frees the HR team and top hierarchy from mundane works and enables them to concentrate more on core business activities.

Be compliant always

By outsourcing you can avoid penalties due to non-payment of statutory dues and/or non-filing or wrong filing of statutory reports.

Highly qualified support

You get the backing of a highly qualified team who are fully capable of handling all aspects of Payroll and HR Management.

Data Security

Assurance of the highest security to the highly confidential data that is with the service provider.

Excellent Reporting

You get access to report that give you very vital information about the performance of your employees. This will help you to plan better for the future.

Regular Payouts

The payouts to employees and the remittances to the concerned authorities are made regularly without break thus reducing stress on the management.

Associating with a highly professional team

Why GetifyHR?

Associating with a highly professional team

GetifyHR is a highly experienced and professional team that uses the most advanced technology to handle all aspects of Payroll and HR Management. We provide payroll outsourcing services to small, medium, and large organizations in this region. With GetifyHR you can:

  1. Reduce the risks of non-compliance.
  2. Save time and money.
  3. Improve productivity
  4. Error-free payroll system.
  5. Absolute confidentiality and security.
  6. Support of a highly talented team.

We assure you that we will be with you every step of the way and provide you with all the required information in a meaningful and beneficial manner. Among all the Payroll Outsourcing Services in Chennai, GetifyHR has built a reputation for quality and dedicated service. By associating with us you are in partnership with the best.

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