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Simplifying Payroll with GetifyHR

Payroll processing is one of most critical operations in any company as it involves the most important entity in that organization, the employee. Manual processing of the payroll has its own disadvantages. One, it requires trained manpower to handle and two; it is prone to inaccuracies and lack of updation of Government policies. This may result in dissatisfaction among the employees and lead to lower employee retention. Overall, it leads to lower productivity.

GetifyHR fully understands the complexity of Payroll processing. With our years of expertise and the pool of professional talent available, we have developed an outsourcing module that not only simplifies these operations but also brings high level of accuracy.

Simplifying a Complex Process

GetifyHR’s Payroll and HR management System is a sophisticated technology driven software that has greatly simplified a highly complex Payroll generation and HR Management module. No wonder that GetifyHR is considered among the top outsourced payroll providersin Coimbatore/India. These modules are highly cumbersome when attempted manually and are prone to inaccuracies. When inaccuracies creep in, you can predict the problems that it creates. You have an upset employee on one side and an awkward employer on the other. This situation only worsens the relationship between the employee and the employer and would ultimately pull down productivity. GetifyHR is ranked highly among the Salary processing companies in Coimbatore/India and is known for its high capabilities to deliver the desired results.

Post payment process

Once the salary dues and statutory requirements are calculated and settled, the month end reports are generated for use by the accounts department to finalise the accounts. The package also provides up-to-date information about each employee and these will be useful to the HR department for planning further action. An important feature of these records is that they are easily retrievable at any point of time and from any location. You get nothing but the best from one of the top outsourced payroll providers in the region.

The Payroll Process

Report Generation

Once the Employee Master data has been entered into the system, it is only a question of generating the payslips. All the other reports are then automatically generated. From these reports, the amount to be paid to government agencies towards EPF and ESI are processed. Likewise, the payment details of TDS from each employee are also generated. These dues are then remitted to the concerned government agencies. Salary processing companies may not look into all these aspects as they are confined only to generating the payroll.

For the employee, every penny is valuable and, therefore, these calculations should be accurate in every respect. The payslip reveals the exact amount of take home salary for the employee and gives an accurate breakup of the benefits and deductions. For the employer, it gives the total amount towards salaries and the dues to be paid to the government. It is from this vital document that all the other reports are generated. GetifyHR ranks among the best salary processing companies in Coimbatore due to the simplicity and efficiency of its system.

Empowering the Employee

The specialized ESS Portal empowers the employee by enabling access to vital HR related information like attendance, payslips, PF details, leave balance and applications. The employee can view personal information and also print and download any relevant documents. Similarly, they can view, download and print company policy and other relevant information.

The portal also enables the employee to leverage the power of social networking and also search the employee directory for employee related information.


Our Services

Comprehensive Reporting

As one of the top Payroll processing companies in the region, GetifyHR offers a perfect solution that maintains very vital records of the employees at every stage of their employment.  The Payroll portal generates the payslips and details of salary dues for all employees, the HR portal manages the data pertaining to each employee and these include the EPF and ESI records, attendance details, and designation & promotion details. The year-end or seasonal payment dues like Bonus or incentives are also maintained.  Your search for the best outsourced payroll providers will lead to our doorsteps.

In addition, an Employee Self Service portal (ESS) provides the employee the facility to access all HR related details like attendance, payslips, PF details, leave balance and applications.  As one of the Top payroll processing companies in Coimbatore, we are known to provide highly accurate reports that are useful for both the company and their employees.  From the company’s side this enables a greater association with the employees and brings about higher productivity.  From the employee’s side it is highly satisfying that he or she is under an employer who maintains a perfect system to pay salaries and other dues.The best payroll processing companies provide all these facilities.

Why GetifyHR?


Outsourcing to GetifyHR, the best choice!

Automation of the process is the only solution and this can be achieved by either purchasing personalised software or using the services of Outsourced payroll providers. Using personalised payroll software has its own limitations. Though it can generate accurate payslips and enable payment of salaries and other dues at the appropriate time, it cannot handle one other vital side of payroll processing namely statutory compliance, taxation and HR related activities


The statutory compliance Acts and Rules could change overtime and it is important that these are regularly monitored and updated. This may not be possible in an organization using payroll software. The only option, therefore, is to outsource this operation to Payroll Processing Companies.GetifyHR is perfectly poised to support you in successfully implementing this highly complex process in a simple and hassle-free manner.


Amplifying your vision

GetifyHR, one of the top salary processing companies in India, provides superior outsourcing module that totally eradicates these problems and gives a hassle-free payroll operation that will satisfy both the employer and the employee. The user friendly interface and the varied functionalities incorporated in this package give lesser headache to the employers and keep him updated of the changes in statutory rules or laws.


Overall, it helps the client to reduce on manpower for operating the system and provides the maximum reporting facilities to the management so that they can take any decision for further growth or for strengthening the work force based on these reports.


You get all these from one of the top salary processing companies in the region. You can count on us to simplify the task and amplify your vision to further development.


One-stop solution to all your payroll requirements

There is a huge demand for payroll processing companies in India as more and more companies are looking to outsource their payroll operations. GetifyHR offers a full-fledged cloud based online software that meticulously handles all aspects of PayrollProcessing, HR Management and Statutory Compliance.As one of the leading Payroll Processing companies in Coimbatore, we have a huge base of satisfied clients who vouch for our services and integrity.


Payroll Processing starts with creation of the Employee Master, from which the generation of payslips, attendance maintenance, deductions and processing of EPF and ESI requirements take place. The TDS processing is also completed during this process. These complex operations are performed with utmost ease and with a high degree of perfection. As one of the Best payroll processing companies in Coimbatore, we assure utmost satisfaction to all our clients.


How you benefit

The biggest advantage in outsourcing your Payroll to GetifyHR is in accessing relevant information on a minute by minute basis. This gives you tremendous control over all employee related activities and helps you to identify problems and find solutions without much delay. Integrating Payroll with HR gives a wealth of data to the HR department and this would help it to take decisions instantly and in a professional manner. This will prove to be a great asset to any HR team.


By ensuring greater accuracy and high degree of integration, our payroll application delivers valuable information that would enable you to plan meticulously for further growth. Importantly, this ensures that your business follows all statutory requirements and is compliant to the ever changing rules and regulation.