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Task Management is an important aspect of Project Management. Tasks are assigned to complete projects within the stipulated time. A project could be broken down into manageable tasks or sub-tasks for easier management and completion on time. This is a process that has to be monitored throughout the life cycle of the project.

Companies nowadays have to deliver on time if they are to be competitive. How they complete their projects is very vital to their growth. The assistance of a Task Management Service Provider is the need of the hour and GetifyHR with its robust technology driven cloud-based application can simplify the process of task management and enable the user to complete projects on time.

How it works?

ESS Portal

GetifyHR is a leading Task Management Services Provider in Coimbatore/India. Our ESS portal is a full-fledged task management tool that enables assignment of tasks in a hierarchical fashion through departments. The assignment can flow from the management to the employee or from a higher level employee to a lower level employee. For example the Supervisor of a department can assign to his team leader who in turn can re-assign to their respective team members. Only a full-fledged Task Management system can give you all these facilities.

All task assignments and pending works are updated in the ESS portal and this can be regularly monitored by those who assign the work. All this information will enable the team leader or higher up to balance the workload and take precautions against any delays in meeting the deadline. These services come to you from one of the best Task Management Services Provider in Coimbatore/India.

Task Assignment

A task can be assigned to an employee irrespective of their geographical location. This process requires serious thought and planning. Firstly you have to identify to whom you can assign the task. For this the availability, skill level and commitment of the employee has to be understood. The next step is to motivate them and create an excitement within them to achieve. This also needs transparency and a clear time frame on fulfilling the task. During this period the status of the task is frequently updated so that every person involved in the task knows how it is progressing.

Companies can decide on making use of the assistance of Task Management Service Providers to make this task easier and simpler. GetifyHR is one of the leading Task Management Software Providers in the region and we assist in all these activities.


easy-peasy with GetifyHR

Why GetifyHR?​

GetifyHR is one of the Top Task Management Service Providers in Coimbatore/India. With years of experience in this industry we are the best choice in assisting you in deploying an Employee Task Mangement system in your organization.

Manual task management is a thing of the past as it is not only complex but highly cumbersome. There is a possibility of a lot of grievances being raked up and blaming one another for shortfalls would become a common activity. Ultimately, this would lead to the project running behind schedule. Once that happens you will overshoot your budget. The only option you have is to look for a seamlessly running integrated Task management System for Employees.

GetifyHR’s task management tool helps you to avoid all these problems and manage tasks in a systematic, focussed and organized manner. Our task management portal is simple and user friendly and is integrated with all the other activities like payroll, HR management and employee management. This is a wholesome package that gives you all that you need from one single source. You don’t have to look beyond GetifyHR for task management needs, as you are in the hands of one of the leading Task Management Software Providers in Coimbatore/India.

How we assist?


Task Deadline

Setting clear-cut deadlines or time frames is very important if you need to achieve successful completion of the task. You have to be very clear about your timeframes and this information will be clearly explained to those who are assigned the task. To achieve this there will be frequent consultations with employees as they would have a better understanding of the status of the task on hand. We help you to build confidence among the employees and motivate them to put in greater effort.


Reassigning and Task forwarding

The package provides the facility to evaluate the performance of the employees at every stage of the task. This is an ongoing process that could give the supervisor a better understanding of the status of the project and enable him to reassign the task and task forwardingto others if the need arises. This would generally happen when you conclude that you may not meet the deadline and have to make changes to speed up the working.


Task Reports

Reporting plays a vital part in task management and we provide excellent reports that can be downloaded at any point of time. With these reports you can easily monitor the performance of your employees and award those who perform well and substitute those who are under performing.


Reduced Complexity

The package breaks up the complexity of the task management process into simpler tasks that would enable the user to identify the strength and weaknesses in the employees assigned to the task. This would be a great help to the employer in assigning and completing the task on time. GetifyHR believes in simplifying the process so that the user can approach and complete tasks without much of a complication.

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