Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance

EPF & ESI Registration and Compliance simplified by GetifyHR

Process of work

Statutory Compliance Service

Statutory compliance provides protection to companies facing legal issues. These issues may be raised by organised employees demanding higher wages or a demanding trade union. The protection comes from following a set of rules and regulations and complying with it. This helps the company to handle their employees in a professional and ethical manner. Any company that does not comply with these rules and regulations will land in deep trouble, thus curtailing its growth. GetifyHR is ideally placed to provide Statutory Compliance Services to companies through our outsourcing service that provides complete Payroll Outsourcing services integrated with HR service and a highly efficient statutory compliance module.

How do we support you?

We handle compliance across multiple locations. This includes Registration or renewal under the different Acts like Shops and Establishment Act, Contract labour Act, EPF, ESI, Professional Tax etc. The next step is preparing and maintaining the Statutory Registers. Once they are fully updated, we are ready for the timely submission of annual, half-yearly or quarterly returns under the various Acts.

Apart from this, we also handle periodical inspections by the relevant authorities at the client locations. Another important service is to liaison with the authorities of the concerned departments for the smooth functioning of the organization.We also assist in conducting periodical audits to determine the compliance status of the client.

Efforts will be taken to create greater awareness among the employees of the statutory deductions and the benefits of EPF, ESI, EDLI and other Acts. We also collect the investment proofs of employees to enable deduction of Income tax. The quarterly return under Form 24Q is filed for free and Form 16 is provided to the employees.

How do you benefit from this association?

GetifyHR is a one-point solution for all your Payroll and Statutory Compliance needs. Complying with Statutory regulations relieves a lot of pressure from the management. This not only avoids legal issues but also enables cost saving on man-power and other overheads.

When you associate with GetifyHR, you not only get a hassle-free liaison with the concerned departments, but you are also assured of 100% compliance at all times. All the relevant amendments or notifications are provided immediately to the clients. In this way we help in reducing the risks involved in non-compliance.

Proper legal opinions on labour regulations are provided to the management to help them in the decision making process. Compliance is a vital aspect in any business and we assure you that we do not take any chances when it comes to compliance. As a dedicated Statutory Compliance Services Provider, GetifyHR is the ideal choice for performing this task.


GetifyHR helps your company to keep updated

Compliance Updation

Most of the companies are not aware of the latest compliance rules and the benefits provided by the Central and State Governments. Therefore, the onus is on the company to update and comply with the conditions if it really desires to grow. The best solution is to get the assistance of a Statutory Compliance Service Provider in your location.

GetifyHR is perfectly placed to provide statutory Compliance services through our cloud-based Payroll Outsourcing module that seamlessly integrates HR Services. This not only takes care of recruitment and staffing needs but also provides excellent support for EPF & ESI Statutory Compliance. We provide free updates from time to time and assist the employer to get statutory benefits. We are recognized as a leading Statutory Compliance Service Provider in Coimbatore.


Employee Provident Fund Act, 1952

The Employees’ PF Act is a welfare scheme enacted by the EPFO for the well being of the employees.  In the year 1976, t he EPFO provided insurance cover to its members through the Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI).  In the year 1995, EPFO launched the Employees Scheme (EPS) to provide security for the employees after retirement at the age of 58.


All companies have to fully comply with these three Acts.  PF Statutory Compliance is a must for all establishments. GetifyHR with its sound knowledge and experience in compliance is ideally placed to provide dedicated support to companies and employees in handling the EPF compliance requirements. We are identified as a leading EPF and ESI Registrations company in this region. Also any query about PF Statutory Compliance in Coimbatore would lead to GetifyHR.


The Statutory Compliance Services in India has grown in volume with a few companies providing excellent service to their clients.  Many of these companies are providing excellent guidance to their clients to comply with the rules.  With the Government bringing in stricter enforcement, the need for consultancy is growing.  This growth is also reflected in our region and as of now the Statutory Compliance Services in Coimbatore is witnessing a steady growth.  Many efficient companies are servicing this sector and it’s no surprise that GetifyHR leads from the front.


Factories Act, 1948

The Factories Act was enacted in the year 1948, under the Ministry of Labour and Employment to regulate the working condition in factories.  The Act sought to regulate health, occupational safety and annual leave.   It also regulates the employment of children, women and young persons in factories.


There are many Statutory Compliance Service Providers in India each maintaining their own standards.  GetifyHR is unique as it provides a complete solution in Payroll maintenance and statutory compliance.  Today, GetifyHR is one of the Top Statutory Compliance Service Provider in India.


ESI Act 1948​

The ESI Act, 1948 assures benefits to employees during sickness, maternity, on-the-job injury or any other medical condition.  Companies that use power and employ 10 or more employees or factories not using power with 20 or more employees have to comply with the Act. As one of the best EPF and ESI Registration Service in Coimbatore, this is a job that we perform with perfection.


GetifyHR, with its vast experience is committed to provide services to see that this act is fully complied with. All records and reports are handled by us in a systematic and professional manner.


Shops & Establishment Act

The Shops & Establishment Act was established to regulate the working of commercial organizations that are involved in trade, business or a profession.  This also includes societies, trusts, printing units, educational institutions, banks, insurance companies and share & stock brokerages. The Act covers employee workings hours, rest periods, opening and closing hours, weekly and national holidays, overtime work, rules regarding child labour and also covers annual leave, maternity leave, sickness & casual leave eligibility.


GetifyHR brings with it a vast experience in handling all registrations and legitimate approval process and maintenance of all statutory records as required by the Shops & Establishment Act.  Considered as one of the Best Statutory Compliance Service Providers in Coimbatore, GetifyHR is the ideal choice for companies to handle compliance issues.


Payment of Bonus Act, 1965

This Act stipulates the payment of a minimum bonus of 8.33 percent to all employees, subject to certain conditions.  Any factory with 20 or more workers comes under the purview of this Act.


GetifyHR assists factories in complying with this Act and takes care of accurate calculation of Bonus dues after evaluating the performance of individual employees.


Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, mandates the payment of a lump sum to employees as a token of gratitude for the services rendered. GetifyHR, offers a tailor-made payroll management system that ensures accurate calculation of Gratuity amount based on the last drawn salary and the years of service. For accurate Gratuity calculations and for efficient PF Statutory Compliance Services in Coimbatore, GetifyHR is the best choice.


GetifyHR provides a highly efficient Payroll management system that takes care of statutory compliance and labour laws prevailing now.  We offer services that perfectly maintain the records of employees and generate all the relevant records as required by law. We also provide consultancy to 24Q quarterly income tax return filing companies. All these facilities are available through our Payroll Outsourcing Services and HR management module.  GetifyHR is not just a choice, it is the only choice!

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