Payroll Outsourcing Benefits

Payroll Outsourcing Benefits for Start-ups – a Comprehensive Guide.

India is witnessing an exhilarating growth trajectory when it comes to start-ups. From a lowly position, it has now jumped to the number three position in the world, after the USA and China, for the number of unicorns it has to date. The biggest challenge faced by start-ups today is finding the right talent for core business activities and HR-related services like Payroll processing and Compliance issues.

Payroll processing and HR management are amongst the most critical aspects that demand a high degree of efficiency. Handling these critical aspects internally is not only time-consuming but is also prone to errors that will negatively affect the success and growth of the new venture. The primary aim of the start-up is to focus on their core business activities and all their efforts would be channeled to achieve this. Inevitably, HR-related services like Payroll Processing and Statutory Compliance management take the back seat and this may prove to be a mistake in the long run. It is, therefore, advisable to outsource the payroll process to an external agency as it offers a wide range of benefits that could propel growth. In this article, we delve into the benefits of outsourcing the Payroll process to an established service provider.

In-house Payroll processing and its challenges

Payroll processing and Statutory Compliance are highly complex operations that require a high degree of expertise. Handling employee data and their work performance, and maintaining the contributions towards EPF, ESI, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund, Insurance, and TDS payments requires a team that is highly efficient and always in the know of the changes in rules and regulations. For a start-up, handling these complex and rather critical operations in-house can be a huge burden and highly challenging.

Drain on Valuable time:

Manual processing of the Payroll which includes calculating salaries, deductions, taxes, generating payslips, and filing returns is a time-consuming and tedious process. The valuable time that is spent on these operations can be gainfully spent on core business activities that are critical for growth. Acquiring full-fledged customized Payroll software to handle this process is not also an ideal solution as it may not be able to handle frequent changes in the statutory rules and regulations.

Non-compliance with Statutory Rules and Regulations:

Complying with all the statutory rules and regulations requires in-depth knowledge and the ability to implement changes as and when they occur. Deductions towards EPF, ESI, Professional Tax, and Labour Welfare Fund have to be very accurately maintained to avoid penalties and legal issues. Managing these and TDS calculations is a challenging job and performing these in-house increases the risk of non-compliance due to lack of expertise or oversight.

Lack of Expertise:

During the early stage of growth, start-ups operate with a lean team as they may not have the resources to hire a dedicated HR team possessing specialized payroll expertise. This may lead to a lack of proper working knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of Payroll processing and statutory compliance, thus increasing the risk of errors leading to non-compliance.

Challenges of Scalability:

The growth of a start-up is indicated by the addition of new employees, the onboarding of freelancers, or expansion to new locations. Managing the complex Payroll and statutory requirements in-house during this growth phase can become increasingly difficult. This would necessitate the employment of additional experts who may not be readily available, thus hindering the ability to scale efficiently. An in-house payroll system may not be able to adapt to the changes in rules and regulations thus creating a bottleneck and hindering growth.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll and HR Management

The main aim of a start-up is to focus on its core business activity; therefore, outsourcing the Payroll process to an external agency is a prudent financial move that offers multiple benefits. Some of these benefits are:

1.  Cost Saving

Most Start-ups normally begin their journey with limited resources and every rupee that is invested has to be spent with prudence. Cost cutting is a wise and effective move, and one decision that would help in cost saving is outsourcing the Payroll process. In doing so, you can significantly reduce operational costs by eliminating the need to maintain an in-house payroll department. Instead of hiring and training employees to specialize in payroll processing, investing in expensive software and hardware, or spending on regular updates, start-ups can outsource payroll to experienced service providers to achieve the task at a fraction of the cost. This will enable the start-ups to strategically allocate their financial resources toward product development and marketing activities to propel growth.

2.  Efficient Time management

Efficient management of time is essential for growth. By outsourcing the payroll process, start-ups can free valuable time. Payroll processing is a complex and time-consuming operation that requires meticulous attention to detail. By outsourcing this process you will be able to streamline the entire operation, which in turn will enhance productivity.

3.  Statutory Compliance risks

Being compliant with all the statutory rules and regulations is vital for the growth and success of the start-up. These rules and regulations are prone to frequent changes and it is important that companies keep themselves abreast of all such changes. By outsourcing Payroll processing you can avoid these pitfalls as the service provider would be fully equipped to take care of such issues, thus keeping the company fully compliant, always.

4.  Scalability

As the start-up grows, there will be an increase in the number of employees and the number of locations where the company operates. This will increase the complexity of payroll processing. An in-house payroll system may struggle to adapt to these changes resulting in inefficient handling of the payroll that will spoil the reputation of the company and curtail its growth. However, by outsourcing the process to an experienced service provider, you will be able to adapt to the increasing needs thus ensuring seamless scalability without compromising on accuracy.

5.  Data Security and Confidentiality

Employee data is vital and sensitive data that has to be maintained with a high degree of security and confidentiality. Start-ups must prioritize data security to protect the privacy of their employees and take full responsibility for its security and confidentiality. When this operation is performed in-house there is a greater chance of this vital data being tampered with. This can be fully avoided when you outsource as experienced service providers employ robust security measures like data encryption, firewalls, and efficient access controls to safeguard this vital and sensitive data.

6.  Access to Advanced Technology

Service Providers utilize cutting-edge technology to handle the Payroll process. With their ability to upgrade the system in tune with the growing technology, they will be able to provide their clients access to highly sophisticated systems that enhance accuracy and efficiency, thus drastically reducing the likelihood of costly errors.

7.  Frees the HR team

When you outsource payroll, you are actually freeing your HR team from a mundane task and allowing them to focus on core business activities. The complexity of payroll processing and statutory requirements would impose huge pressure on the HR team. This can be fully avoided by outsourcing the payroll and this enables the start-up to achieve its target smoothly.

How to choose your Service Provider?

Choosing the right Service Provider to handle your Payroll and HR Management is vital as any mistake would adversely affect your business growth. Some of the important points that you have to consider while choosing a service provider are provided below:

Access your Business needs

Make a full assessment of your requirements so that you are aware of the features relevant to your needs. Your budget for payroll service will depend on the outcome of this assessment.

Type of Outsourcer you require

The whole idea behind outsourcing Payroll and HR management is to fully automate and integrate the system so that the entire process is streamlined and can be handled without the usual stress that comes with the process. A managed payroll system runs your payroll accurately and on time, calculates the deductions towards EPF, ESI, PF, and LWF, calculates the taxes, and generates the Payslips. On the other hand, a fully outsourced module takes care of every aspect of payroll as mentioned above, but also supports your employees with all their payroll needs. You have to make the choice.

Integration of Modules

If you are looking for total integration, then you have to choose a service provider that supports a payroll module that integrates with the accounting module. This can fully automate both your accounting module and payroll module thereby improving functionality and enhancing the working of the business.


Pricing is an important factor when you choose the service provider. The cost of service varies in accordance with the features they offer. Most payroll service providers charge a flat rate every month or for a pay period. Choose what is suitable for you.


Payroll processing is subject to local laws and these rules and regulations may vary from state to state. It is, therefore, essential to assess whether the service provider is capable of complying with all relevant rules and regulations. Find out whether the provider has a thorough understanding of the country’s tax laws, labor laws, and other laws. Contact other businesses that have used the services of the outsourcer to get an idea of the level of compliance they maintain.

24/7 Support

When choosing a payroll service provider, it is essential that you take into account the kind of customer support and other services that they offer. Look for providers that offer support 24/7, and have dedicated personnel to support and train.


Your business may grow over time, and it is essential that you choose a service provider that can scale according to the changing needs. Look for a service provider that offers scalability with the ability to customize as per the changing needs of your business.


Every start-up has to pay their employees consistently on time. For this to happen, the payroll module has to work accurately and consistently. If the payroll is managed in-house this process is going to take a lot of time and effort. Even if you generate the payslips without errors, handling them in-house may not be the most efficient way to use your time and money.

However, outsourcing the Payroll process and Statutory Compliance requirements to a service provider can provide significant advantages as it offers cost savings, efficient time management, full compliance, data security and confidentiality, scalability, and access to high-end technology. By outsourcing to an experienced service provider, start-ups focus on their core business activities, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth and success. Simply put, payroll outsourcing is a vibrant financial move that allows start-ups to blossom in today’s competitive market.

GetifyHR is a leading outsourcer of Payroll processing and HR Management in the country. We have assisted clients across the country to streamline the Payroll process and achieve full compliance with all statutory rules and regulations. As a start-up, you would be in a position to efficiently and accurately handle all your Payroll and Statutory Compliance requirements by associating with us. We assure you of a smooth and hassle-free journey towards growth.

January 23 is the right time to outsource your Payroll to GetifyHR!

January 2023 is the right time to outsource your Payroll to GetifyHR!

When is the right time to outsource your Payroll? Well, this is the question that has put business owners in a real dilemma. On the one hand, they have to be right with the timing and on the other hand, they have to be right with the choice of the perfect outsourcer. A difficult task indeed for any establishment whether big or small.

Payroll processing is one of the most important non-core activities and will remain so in the future. Its importance has manifested in companies opting to outsource the process with the view to not only bring greater accuracy but also to keep the company fully compliant with all the Statutory Compliance rules and regulations. By doing so establishments have been able to create greater harmony in the workplace and have been on the right side of all tax and compliance laws.

The goal of every establishment is to achieve greater growth and as it grows the greater the need to have a perfectly working system to handle all compliance issues. This is not an easy task and one way to keep things moving smoothly is by outsourcing this process to a service provider. By outsourcing payroll, companies will be able to prioritize core business processes and strategies to guide the business toward its goal.

In this article, we will discuss the ideal time to outsource the payroll process to an external service provider and why GetifyHR would be the best choice to undertake the process.

When to Outsource your Payroll?

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to go live with your payroll processing. While this may not be the beginning of the financial year followed in India, which is from 1st April onwards, we at GetifyHR would recommend the month of January to go live with payroll processing through a service provider.

This is the time when employees normally resign and move on to greener pastures. Hiring new hands and retraining them is a task that most establishments shun and the sensible solution is to perfect the payroll processing activity so that you can avoid hiring employees for both the core activity and to exclusively handle the payroll process.

When you start your payroll process through an outsourcer during the month of January, you have a clear 3 months to complete the parallel runs and perfect the system. This allows the time to verify and correct all employee records and reports and streamline the demands of statutory compliance.

This will enable you to start the new financial year on a clean slate and give you adequate time to straighten all loose ends and see that you are starting the process perfectly.

The benefits of outsourcing the payroll!

Let’s briefly delve into the benefits of outsourcing your payroll processing to an external service provider. Payroll processing remains the most popular area among the non-core processes that organizations tend to outsource and their benefits are many.

1.  Leads to lower Upfront Investment

One of the most important benefits of outsourcing Payroll is that it leads to lowering the investments upfront.  Outsourcing helps in reducing the investment on costly hardware and accessories as the package relies on high-end cloud technology; therefore you can do away with costly hardware onsite.

2.  Maintain accurate records

Having a perfectly running payroll that generates highly accurate payslips and all related records remains the top requirement of every organization. Payroll generated with errors can create great disharmony in the workplace and throw all activities out of gear. This will inevitably affect the growth of the organization. Outsourcing assures you of a perfectly running payroll process that will help you to maintain highly accurate records, and this will go a long way in promoting workplace harmony and enhancing growth.

3.  Comprehensive Payroll Support

Outsourcing the Payroll ensures comprehensive payroll support. This means that all requirements of payroll and HR management are seamlessly handled so that your month-end stress is drastically reduced.  The high level of integration that these packages achieve enables smooth and comprehensive payroll operations. All the modules are perfectly integrated thus reducing the need for frequent key-ins.

For the management the biggest need is to have access to an array of highly useful MIS reports as and when required, and this is what you get when you outsource. Armed with these reports, the management will be in a position to take timely decisions that would ultimately lead to greater growth.

Data security is a vital factor when you are handling sensitive employee data. In-house payroll processing may not be secure enough and the leak of sensitive data is always a possibility. When you outsource the process to a service provider, you can greatly reduce the possibility of a leak of sensitive data. Outsourcers have a robust security system in place with proper backup and multiple server locations to ensure a high level of data security.

4.  Leveraging expertise to ensure compliance

Experts with deep knowledge of all payroll and compliance norms man outsourcing service agencies. By outsourcing you are shifting the onus of keeping the organization compliant to a team of highly efficient individuals. Outsourcing the payroll and HR process will enable companies to minimize compliance and regulatory risks. This will ensure that the company is compliant at all times.

There are a few more reasons why you should outsource your payroll to an external service provider. However, we shall take a detour from that topic and focus on why you should outsource to GetifyHR.

Why GetifyHR?

GetifyHR is one of the leading Payroll and HRMS outsourcing companies based out of Coimbatore. With a vast clientele spread across the country, we have been providing excellent service across states and platforms.

Our vision is to make GetifyHR one of the leading outsourcers in the industry. Simplifying the rather complex Payroll and HR operations has been our goal and this we have achieved through our commitment and dedication to providing the very best to our clients.

Ours is a highly efficient and fully functional module that can manage these complex operations in any organization. This is a high-end module using the latest cloud-based technology. The module fully automates the payroll and HR processes and empowers employees with a highly efficient self-service module. The important features of our module are briefly described hereunder.

Payroll Module

This is a module that simplifies the rather cumbersome and complex payroll process. The module is highly customizable and is fully integrated to maintain all the requirements of Payroll processing and HR management.

This includes generating highly accurate Payslips and the relevant reports, handling all statutory compliance requirements, and maintaining employee Leave & Attendance, and Recruitment. The module ensures the generation of accurate payslips and on-time disbursement of salaries every month. All reports required to keep the company compliant are readily available and it is only a matter of remitting the deductions to the authorities.

These activities can be performed without a hitch every month seamlessly and smoothly.

The module ensures accurate calculation of salaries and timely disbursement every month. This will pave the way for greater harmony within the workplace.

  • Salaries can be disbursed by cash, or cheque or can be directly transferred to the employees’ bank accounts
  • The payments can be released either Batch wise or Bank wise
  • Track the status of all cash and cheque payments.

Statutory Compliance Module

This module helps you to save precious time that you would have spent keeping yourself updated of the changes in compliance rules. The changes in EPF, ESI, and other labour laws are immediately updated in the system.

Similarly, changes in tax slabs are updated as and when announced so that the employees do not lose the benefit.

In other words, GetifyHR frees you from the burden of updating the changes in statutory rules and regulations and creates a stress-free month-end operation.

GetifyHR’s outsourcing module allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Calculate PF deductions and generate ECR
  • Compute ESI
  • Calculate state-specific Professional Tax component
  • Calculate TDS and generate the returns
  • Generate Form 24Q, Form 16 and Form 12BA
  • LWF calculations and deductions
  • Bonus calculations.

Excellent Reporting

Our Payroll module provides access to more than 150 MIS reports. You can customize the reports for your specific needs. Additionally, payroll analytics provide insightful details that help you to take the right decisions at the appropriate time. The reports include…

  • A large array of MIS Reports
  • Reports and Forms for Statutory Compliance requirements
  • Reconciliation and other reports specific to the Accounts department.


The right time to outsource the Payroll and HR operations and make your choice of the right outsourcer is an onerous task for any business owner. Choosing the right time is best left to the management as they know their situation better than anyone else. However, we have suggested January to be the ideal time purely taking into consideration the beginning of the financial year. Taking such a decision would enable the user to be ready to go live beginning in April when the new financial year begins. But again the choice is best left to the management.

Choosing GetifyHR to outsource the Payroll process is again the ideal choice considering that we enjoy a sound reputation in the industry. We rank among the top outsourcers in the country with a large number of satisfied customers spread across the country. The user-friendly interface and varied functionalities incorporated in this package will not only provide accurate payslips and insightful reports but will also enable immediate updation of changes effected in compliance rules and regulations. We are here to simplify the task and amplify your vision towards greater growth.

Outsourcing Payroll Services: What to expect when you modernize your Payroll Processes?

Outsourcing Payroll Services: What to expect when you modernize your Payroll Processes?


Payroll processing is a daunting task in any business regardless of the size of the workforce. The process involves highly critical tasks other than generating the payslips and disbursing the salaries. Managing Leave and Attendance has always been a complex task and businesses have to face the consequences of errors in handling this crucial activity. Even more daunting is handling the Statutory Compliance rules and regulations. Any errors in handling this vital task could lead to penalties and other legal issues.

A fully integrated Payroll System ensures the smooth functioning of the business and this would lead to greater growth. Outsourcing the Payroll process to an outside agency is the ideal solution as it ensures stress-free operations and helps in addressing the loopholes found in handling payroll either manually or through custom-made software operated by one’s team. The advantages of outsourcing your Payroll process are many and have been discussed in our earlier blogs. In this article, we will limit ourselves to discussing what you can expect when you modernize your payroll process by outsourcing to a reputed third-party service provider.

Impact of Technology

Technology is impacting every walk of our personal and professional life. The pandemic has demonstrated our reliance on technology to keep society and businesses running normally. Not only business transactions but also employees were moved online and payroll services have also been immensely affected. GetifyHR has established itself as a leading player in outsourcing payroll processing using cloud technology.

Cloud Computing

Payroll outsourcing services have embraced the latest in technology to offer greater functionality and performance of their modules. The use of cloud computing has dramatically changed the ways that data is accessible not only from one location but also from multiple locations. Processing and backup is now fully automated.

This has enabled businesses to enter and approve payroll operations across locations. Adopting a cloud-based system has many benefits and the key benefits are briefed here below:

Greater Accessibility

Every branch, every office, and every factory across the states are easily connected. This provides improved access to data and everyone can get up-to-date information whether they are in the office or on the go.

Cut down on costs by reducing the use of costly hardware and software

With the use of cloud computing, you can do away with costly servers, backup generators, network switches, routers cables, etc. All the payroll activities can be handled on the cloud by just paying a monthly fee. This reduces expenses dramatically.

Keeping the company compliant

Statutory Compliance is a vital activity that needs extra care and awareness of the changes in rules that are frequently affected by the government. These changes have to be updated immediately so that the company can remain compliant. Failure to do so will result in penalties and lead to legal issues that the company may well neigh avoid. These issues will also damage the cordial employee-employer relationship. The technology in use now allows the employee to have greater access to their records through a highly efficient ESS portal that is available on the system and their smartphones. GetifyHR is one of the leading HR Outsourcing Services in the country with a reputation for top-notch service

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Payroll processing is a highly repetitive task, especially when using Excel spreadsheets or any customized software. When you outsource to a service provider who uses cloud computing, you are fully automating these time-consuming tasks by leveraging the best of technology. This will bring about a significant reduction in errors and enhance the performance of the administration.

Identify and reduce fraudulent practices

The use of current technology like cloud computing enables the employer to identify whether the employees are billing for hours that they have not worked. With the available data, employers can determine whether an employee is reporting excessive overtime or is abusing sick leave. The available payroll analytics provides employers with trends in employee behavior and information that they need to take corrective measures.

Enhance HR functions

The use of high-end technology in payroll software generates a wealth of information that was previously not available to the user. With the help of the present technology, we can mine this huge volume of data for strategic decision-making purposes. This wealth of information will enhance the HR experience and aid in workforce planning, performance, gender pay equalities, benefits and pensions, and onboarding.


The currently available technology offers the scope for bettering the payroll system under use now. Embracing this technology will offer solutions that will enhance the payroll experience for the company and its employees. Employee retention is very important in today’s labor market. Any small error in payroll preparation would cause employees to leave and this would disrupt the functioning of the workforce and adversely affect the company’s performance. A perfectly working payroll is the need of the hour and this can be achieved only when you have a system that uses the latest technology that is available now. We at GetifyHR are committed to offering the best to our clients and to achieve this we are constantly upgrading our outsourcing module to be in line with the latest technology.